Thursday 24 April 2008

Working Conditions

This very fine copyright free NASA picture of working conditions on the International Space Station inspired me to consider whether being SOLO gets you better or worse working conditions. I fork out for a managed office in the basementof the old Patent Office building. This doesn't give you any social benefits as all the tenants keep themselves strictly to themselves. The reception and telephone staff are absolutely top-notch. In fact it has been said that my switchboard now is rather more professional than it was when I was a lawyer.
Of course, you can't employ anybody if you work in your back bedroom, but you can have a quiet nap.
Quite a few prospective clients don't believe I actually work at my advertised address because they are so used to people using accommodation addresses in London. The accommodation address scheme is ideal for solo practitioners as it avoids your home address being scattered around the world and sometimes we need a little privacy. and and even useful resources when you are tracking down a prospective defendant but it worries me when 192 say that if I pay more money they will give me private data.

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  1. Working from home - allows you to work wearing shorts like in the picture (or less as the situation demands!)