Saturday 5 April 2008

INTA Berlin May 17-21

I am attending INTA for the first time this year, and am looking for advice from those who know more about these things, whether the Gala dinner is worth attending. Perhaps my fellow bloggers who are experienced INTA attendees might like to write a post for those of us who need to know how to approach this annual marketing event. I am keen to meet with people who will be there – possibly in the designated Hospitality Areas, so if you are interested in setting up a meeting with me why not email me here


  1. I've never attended the Gala dinner myself, so I'm not qualified to respond as to whether it's worthwhile. But I can tell you that this year's Gala dinner has already been sold out:

  2. Thank you Jeremy, it's useful to know the dinner is sold out. In that case the organisers would have no trouble selling my ticket if I decided to return it.

  3. Hi Shireen,

    Although the the Gala was sold out,I can advise from my brief experience. I attended last year's Gala in Chicago, although the ambiance was nice and the food as well, I didn't feel that the Gala as an event justified to attend more than once. If you have the chance, even next year, go just to experience the event.

    Assaf J. Naim, Israel