Sunday 13 April 2008

Peaks and troughs of business

A few weeks ago things were really quiet at Azrights. As ever the Law Society’s Gazette had carried news reports about how tough law firms were finding it - or was it that they were going to find things tough in future? I no longer remember which. So, naturally I started to wonder what to do if the economy really was set for such a severe recession that all work would dry up! Then suddenly on Friday, the world and his wife wanted to use our services. One client gave the go ahead to file their Madrid Protocol application in every single country, and a few other countries too. We sold an online trade mark search to someone who had not first contacted us by email or telephone – e-commerce is something I am keen to encourage so am always delighted when it works as planned. And a few other clients gave the go ahead to proceed on other types of legal work. Some even asked to see our general brochure to find out what else we could do for them. So, now I am in the enviable position of having too much work! Although it is nice, it is nevertheless really worrying in case we cannot process everything as speedily as usual. Do you take on a new employee, and if so, what skills do they need? What if this is just a temporary blip, and the work does not continue to fly in? I know this is the challenge all businesses face, and the ones that deal with such challenges most adeptly are the ones that grow into the successful businesses of tomorrow. So, I would like to find a locum for a month or so. Does anyone know anyone? If so, please ask them to email me here If you have any stories of your own to share about the challenges of business, why not write a guest blog for us?

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