Thursday 10 April 2008

Spoofing Frustration

When you get spam it seems to come from a real e-mail address. Its frustrating to find that other people are getting spam email with your name on it. The first you know about it is the System Undeliverable messages that start appearing in your Junk mail folder, or sometimes and more worringly an irate reply from a real person. It is gratifying to know that even Nominet can't do anything about it. See their news item from a few days ago.

Hopefully responsible ISPs will think of ways to prevent this activity as it threatens one of the main means of communication for the solo practitioner. However some ISPs like AOL seem to be so protective of their clients that I cannot communicate with them at all.

No image with this post because I was going to use one fron Flickr which said it was public in a prominet green notice and then has a faded copyright notice saying all rights reserved. There are pics on Flickr available for non-commercial use but....

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