Monday 1 July 2013

Studying through the Summer .. a lonely experience even if you do work in a large organisation. Although its no longer that "Joint" the Examination Board that sets the exams for qualifying as a Registered Patent Agent in the UK is still to be found at and its schedule for 2013 exams asks you to register by August 9, so if you have not written your revision timetable now may be a good time to start suggests Dr Doug Ealey author of Study Guide to the Patents Acts which you can buy from CIPA along with other promising titles for the procrastinating student. Doug also suggests that the LinkedIn Group is also a good resource for discussing issues, if your supervisor is too old to remember sitting his or her exams.

I feel quite sorry for those studying for P2 as the 2012 exam paper paints such a dismal picture of small firm practice, as to make you think that a career as an MP despite the paltry salary may be a better proposition. Still its a hurdle you must pass so write the timetable and take all the advice to heart about reading the whole paper first, allocating time according to the marks available and making sure you have the right sort of handwriting (legible) and the right sort of chewy sweets to act as a displacement activity when your wrist tires. Its also quite wise to remember that the examiner has a marking scheme and so each relevant point well made tends to score a mark, sometimes two, so you need to hit the points and make sure you make it clear that you think you have earned one by starting your next mark winning point with a new line.

Now about that gluten free dough, in 2012 P2 Q8 why does the examiner think its obvious?

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