Sunday 20 January 2013

Feeling depressed? Jealous? It's salary survey time again

The Fellows & Associates Salary Survey for 2013 is now up-and-running. All it needs is for sufficient quantities of good souls to give up a few precious minutes of their lives and engage in some harmless box-ticking.  As the rubric explains:
The survey is intended to provide transparency to the intellectual property market by collecting anonymous objective data that is then published without bias.

Last year’s survey benefitted from the active involvement of Solo IP [that's us!] and IPKat and the results were published in the CIPA Journal in April 2012.

With the success of the survey last year we’ve decided to bring it back again, bigger and better. This year’s survey takes into account your expectations and optimism for the future in IP to gain a more comprehensive review of the IP market. The survey allows a greater understanding of the sector and we are hoping to make it an annual affair to create a consolidated view of the sector across the years.

The survey is now available and will run until the 18th February 2013. Once completed, participants can request to receive an email copy of the results. Data is provided anonymously in order to protect the confidentiality of participants and allow for a more rigorous result.
You can find the survey, in all its glory, here.

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