Friday 4 January 2013

Dare to Be Free

Its great to have some help when you start your business. However is it save to rely on free services like Google for your mail or file storage. When its free there is no comeback if its withdrawn or fails. I recently discovered that the Microsoft service I use (Windows Live Sync) for free to access my office PC when away is being withdrawn. This is disappointing when you discover it has failed just as you intend to leave the office and use it. While there was an alternative that allowed me to get away for Christmas, it does make you realise that you can't complain if you free gift is withdrawn. There is no support line to call. You have no contract. They have no obligations to you.
Of course this blog is hosted for free and you probably didn't get this post by email because that is no longer offered either. There is no picture because I cant upload from my hard disk. The power of the Free Men is more powereful than Copyright law.  

Essentially the free service is free to fail you. Lets hope our clients are learning this lesson too.

This may sound a rather dismal note for the start of  a New Year. However as the Chancellor has been saying we need to invest to grow so lets look a the best options for investing in creating a reliable infrastructure for our businesses. I'm interested in your recommendations

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