Wednesday 17 September 2008

An area for co-operation?

I received instructions from a friend in India today (yes, as it happens, one of my INTA running friends) to file a priority application for a CTM. When the papers arrived in a later email, it transpired that I have about 48 hours in which to secure the priority. He's still a friend, but he's living a little dangerously.

Not for the first time, I thought how much simpler life would be if I had a deposit account at OHIM. And then I thought, perhaps the SoloIP group could set up a deposit account for members' use. There would be some careful bookkeeping to be done, of course, but it struck me as something that we could do together that individual members probably couldn't. Similarly, a deposit account could be opened at the Patent Office. OK, you know the place I mean ...

Is there any interest in such an idea? Or am I actually the only person who doesn't have a deposit account already?

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  1. I'm surprised at the lack of response to this suggestion, if only because it struck me as a very good one -- at least in theory. Presumably there would be an issue regarding the liquidity of the account during periods of intensive use, among other things.