Friday 5 September 2008

An Alternative Business Model based on Quality

Consumers of business legal services including intellectual property who seek value, have discovered that direct access to barristers is a great way to go straight for the experience and expertise they need .

The barristers of Northern Intellectual Property Chambers embraced the opportunity of direct access since it first became possible in July 2004. NIPC continues this tradition today and as many of our readers know, Jane Lambert is a very effective networker devoted to enabling clients achieve their objectives. Last night she arranged a great gathering in Bradford of experts from her panel. Hence the picture of the National Museum of Photography, Film and Television taken by Gunnar Larsson . I took the opportunity to visit this wonderful exhibit (or rather a small bit of it) while straying so far from my London basement.
Jane hopes to build on her current practice by expanding the network to provide a Quality -Guaranteed referral network. As business people know the best advisers are those which come personally recommended by other clients. A recommendation from a peer comes without bias but a business peer may not know whether he has received the best possible device only other advisers know that. Jane is hoping to build a network that can leave Solo practioners running their own practices but with a platform that enables them to work in teams to provide the services the client needs. This is a great idea because there are business consumers who need experience and are offered only inexperience when they approach big branded law firms because they are compelled to ask for the lowest possible fee. Judging by the company last night there are huge opportunities for businesses to achieve excellent value by using solo practitioners and other great value practices that Jane has sought out.
I look forward to seeing how things develop as well as contributing to the clinics, publications and training as well as other initiatives. Entrepreneurs and established businesses can only benefit. This approach to putting the client's needs first is likely to help many solo practitioners develop their own practices while retaining their independence.

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  1. Thanks Barbara. Very flattering! It was a great evening yesterday and I am glad that you could come. I look forward to showing you the Hockneys at Saltaire next time.

    Following up from your last paragraph, it is important to appreciate that the panel is more than just for referrals. It also assists with CPD, training through secondment with member's firms and all sorts of other practice development initiatives.

    At the moment we are developing the networks of IP clinics, inventors' clubs, training courses and so on for Yorkshire. Once we have perfected the model we shall try to transpose it to the rest of the North and elsewhere.