Friday 8 February 2008

Best way to get books for free

Barbara has just commended the forthcoming edition of a book which I have found useful in the past -- but it occurs to me that many readers of this blog do not have large budgets for expenditure on lawbooks, particularly if they can't be 100% sure that they'll need the book before it's replaced by the next edition. BUT ... review copies are free, so long as you write a review.

What this blog needs is a book review editor, who can build up (i) a list of readers who want to review IP books in areas of their interest or expertise and (ii) a list of publishers who want their books to be reviewed. Then all you have to do it put the two together. Any volunteeers?


  1. Another way to get free books is to write them. If you volunteer to update a chapter of works such as The Trademark Handbook you get your own copy free. The editors are always looking for volunteers.

  2. We're an Irish publisher, Oak Tree Press. We're about to publish a new book, Trade Marks Law, by Barrister Glen Gibbons. Would be happy to provide a review copy in return for a review. Brian O'Kane /