Thursday 23 April 2015

INTA Badging Fiasco

Yesterday I received my joining instructions for the INTA Annual Meeting in San Diego. INTA is an
organisation for brand owners but the majority of its profits come from the lawyers who attend the annual meeting. These people are presumed not trustworthy and are liable to try and swap badges or gain entry to the exhibition without paying. Awful people obviously. I seem to be one of them.

This year there are no guest tickets. On registration we were invited to pay additional sums $100 for our guests to attend events like the Welcome Reception. Yesterday I was informed that there would be no separate ticket for my guest so presumably he will need to be by my side at all times to ensure he is not ejected by the fearsome security. The $100 price is stated to cover ">Opening Ceremonies and Welcome Reception Guest Ticket — Opening Reception Ticket" but it omits the Keynote Address. This is going to be interesting. I am making this post so that those of us who have genuine guests (spouses) can enjoy both keynote address and meet up to enjoy the reception.
I hope nobody booked an excursion for an unaccompanied guest, as there will have to be a fight over who gets the badge.

Exhibitors will not enjoy any footfall (or even a bit of help with setting up or taking down their stands) from guests this year either.

I remember fondly the years that badges were sent out in the post. Even with a 9am opening on Saturday I bet there will be a queue. I had not planned to be in San Diego on Saturday as I had not realised there would programming that day so that is one queue I won't join.  If you are staying in the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina you are forbidden from meeting anyone without a badge. Hotel staff have presumably been instructed accordingly.

Free-riding is a bad thing but I do like a little trust. As a solo practitioner with no colleagues, having a guest with me helps a lot, buy hey ho, he will just have to hit the shops or the game. Maybe we should form a group of lonely would-be guests.

Still we attend the meeting for the educational events. The final programme is now on line and available on the App if you can remember your password. 245 Associate Solo Practitioners and me and my co-Blogger Jeremy @IPkat will be there, so lets hope the ticket barriers don't prevent us meeting up.


  1. Re getting a second ticket: last year, my brother (who was a guest) and I queued in parallel at different collect a badge and bag desks, and we each ended up with a name tag. He felt a little funny with the name Michael around his neck, but noone apart from Professor Phillips commented.

    This year, I am travelling with my wife, and she might feel decidedly odd being labeled Michael, as your partner (who is apparently a he) might be to wear Barbara around his neck.

    As to stalls, the real issue is not assembling and dismantling, but for manning a stall at INTA, I think one really needs three people.

    I don't usually bother with the programme. Nor do at least 9000 of the 9500+ registrants and certainly not the non-registrants. I'd be happy to meet you, and if you can put together a meet up for sole practioners, will be happy to attend

  2. As you can see INTA did not respond. I was pleased to see that an invitation card to the welcome reception was supplied. Unfortunately the reception did not start at 5:15 as scheduled and having made the venue in good time, and finding the place still deserted at 5:30 he thought he had made a mistake and descended to Starbucks and sent a $20 text which I received while listening to the end of the keynote. I immediately left and descended. Unfortunatley the nearest exit led me to the harbour side of the SDCC and I had a brisk walk round the entire building to get back to A and Starbucks. By this time my husband was firm friends with the lady in the restaurant information desk and we were able to ascend once more to the Sails Pavilion. By this time the cacophony had started and we were able to secure two bottles of a local brew, which we promptly swapped for two bottles of a more well known brand with less herbal matter in the beer. Other than the loud band and small flags for networking for new members and young members there were none of the entertainments we have come to expect from past welcome receptions. We escaped the cacophony for the view and sunchine on the terrace beyond and were promplty turned back by security as alcohol could only be consumed in the designated area. Fiasco delivered as promised. Its awlays good to know that expecatations are met.