Tuesday 1 July 2014

Good news for some

Looking for a job? You may be
too good for the vacancy ...
"Boost for legal profession as employers commit to permanent hiring" is the happy news from legal recruitment firm Robert Walters. According to a press release earlier today:
"Seven in ten organisations looking to recruit legal staff will be focused on permanent hires, according to a new survey from specialist professional recruiter, Robert Walters.

Asked about their hiring intentions for the second half of 2014, the same proportion - 70% - agree that business growth will have the greatest impact on recruitment.

More than six in ten hiring managers will be concentrating on recruiting junior to mid-level legal professionals, the survey reveals ..."
So if you are fed up with working for yourself as a solo IP practitioner after several recent years of blood, sweat, toil, economic stodginess, collecting your own debts and facing the increasing automation/commodisation of work that used to be more pleasantly billable, and you fancy getting back into the employed sector -- you are probably over-qualified and over-experienced, unless you can shrink down to "junior to mid-level" again.

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