Tuesday 29 April 2014

Sally prepares her #INTA14 Schedule and finds the best is last (no not Disneyland)

INTA programme
Sally tells me:

I have never been to INTA’s Annual Meeting as part of a team. I’ve either had a badge naming me as Legal Counsel to a (UK) company or (after that) a badge naming me as a solo practitioner. These circumstances mean I’ve always had the leisure to peruse the Programme and – not being associated with any Committee or cause (save, of course, the cause of the bloggers the rubber duck says I hope you will be able to say hello at the Meet the Bloggers session at the Royal HK Yacht Club on Monday 12 May 8pm) – I’ve always had the leisure also to take ad hoc decisions on Sessions I might want to attend.

When faced with a lot of (electronic) paperwork, it’s my habit to skip to the end. This is partly to find reassurance (that there is an end) and partly because it’s often where interesting material can be found.

I’m delighted to find that INTA 2014 in Hong Kong is no exception. The final Session (Wednesday 14th May) is aptly named “By the Bottle or by the Glass : How Local Cultures and Habits Drive Trademark Decisions in the Alcoholic Beverage World”. I will try to be there – I really will !

However, this Session overlaps with “Local Script Marks : What Do Yours Say About You ?” which sounds like the sort of Session that will add to knowledge acquired not so long ago in the fair City of Leeds [ see my : blogpost on Chinese Trade Mark Law : offices of Walker Morris in Leeds ]. If Room IW20 and Room CW21 are not far apart – maybe I can dip into both ?

The previous day (Tuesday 13th May) brings the joy of “Seminar on Bad-Faith Filings” : this is “Open to All” but even today (so close to the event) we do not see Speakers identified. How can this be ?  (the duck might mention the wisdom of Solomon on the topic from the Board of Appeal)

A first morning Session (Monday 12th May) concerns “Beginner Level” time spent on “Doing Business In China” : as I’m aiming to spend three nights in Macau before collecting my badge for the Annual Meeting – this sounds (again) like the sort of Session that could add to knowledge previously acquired. And it’s that (long-planned) visit to the Pousada De Coloane in Macau that means I will miss being present at “To Tweet or Not Tweet : Keeping Students Engaged and Off Social Media During Class”. May many attend (Sunday 11th May) and may others be found blogging - During Class !

I’ve heard others attending the Annual Meeting (at times over the last twenty years and more) saying “I don’t get to the Sessions – what are they like ?”. Pity you – go along and find out !

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