Wednesday 26 February 2014

Calling all small practitioners: the IPO wants to meet you, really!

Nigel Hanley (Senior Patent Examiner, UK Intellectual Property Office) has emailed us with the following message:
For my [unspecified] sins I now run the Customer Visit programme in the IPO and I would appreciate a little help in advertising an event we are running in London on 9 April. The annual report for last year's visit programme can be found here, if you are interested [and also if you're not: I checked]
Specifically, we are aware that there are many small IP firms and sole practitioners that we do not get to meet. We are also aware that our current customer visit programme deals with much larger firms and businesses. To rectify that we are holding the meeting at BIS, 1 Victoria Street [it's possible that there may just be more than one of these in the country, but London looks the best bet] so we can meet the smaller firms and here what they think of our services and let them know about some of the new services we offer.
For further particulars, pending the arrival of a suitable link to a web page, why not email Nigel here at


  1. Sorry to be boring (and behind the times) but is this planned for morning ? Or afternoon ? Or evening ? Or all day ? Not all SOLO IP people live inside the M25 !

  2. Its from 3pm to 5:30 - do come. Nigel Hanley is a computer patent examiner but he is commanded to bring a trademark colleague for extra sport