Wednesday 15 January 2014


The Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) was founded in 1754 and occupies a house designed in the early 1770s by Robert Adam at 8 John Adam Street, London (just south of The Strand).

Adam Lent, Director of the RSA’s Action and Research poses the question : Is creativity the most important political concept of the 21st Century?

There are four parts to the answer being :
  1. Creativity is good for us: it is the best use of freedom
  2. Creativity is more economically important then ever: modern capitalism thrives on it 
  3. Creativity is necessary: it is the only solution to long-term austerity 
  4. Creativity is under threat: it needs protecting. 

Not even at (4) is there mention of the Intellectual Property Office or reference to any of the laws that might be relevant to protection of creativity here in the United Kingdom. I am a long-term supporter of the RSA (indeed, a Life Member). And I accept that I could simply let off steam by Comment on the RSA blog. I’m taking the alternative route of expressing frustration through the good offices of SOLO IP because I know my frustration will not only be shared but (more importantly) understood.

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