Wednesday 11 September 2013

Blogposts by email: a fresh start?

Like many other weblogs, SOLO IP has a Google Group which it uses for the purpose of sending out its blogposts as emails to interested subscribers. The grandly-named SOLO Independent IP Practitioners Group exists for precisely this purpose but, for various reasons which are of little interest to ordinary folk and which are best forgiven and forgotten,
  • a number of people who believe that they've joined the Group don't seem to have been receiving emails
  • other people who thought they'd joined the Group found that all they had done was sign up to an RSS feed
This blogger has had one final go at tinkering with the settings to see if he can get the Group to work properly.  To sign up for it, visit the SOLO IP weblog's sidebar, at the top of which you'll find something that looks like this:
179 readers now receive the SOLO IP weblog by email circular. Why don't you?
To subscribe, just type your email address in the box below, then click the 'Subscribe' button
If you want to sign up, it's not difficult to work out how!

If this latest effort to breathe fresh life into the Google Group doesn't work, we'll create another one from scratch.

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