Friday 30 August 2013

Blissful Solitude

The IP Section of the Law Society Library
It is often suggested that it is better to work in communal spaces rather than alone. Some of the most freely available communal spaces naturally include libraries and if you are a solicitor, you are entitled to use the Law Society library. I had reason to paddle down there today and was surprised by how quiet it was. Therefore, there was no difficulty in accessing the single copy of the White book and if I had been brave enough to seek access to the idle terminals, no doubt I could have seen even more. While the library is the most work-related, the building at 113 Chancery Lane offers all sorts of other coffee and catering delights as well as meeting rooms. They are so under used by Solicitors they have to be offered to the paying public for events.
If you cannot get to Chancery Lane the services of the lonely librarian are still available to you at the end of a phone or email.

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  1. Legal dictionaries are shelved about 30 feet to the left of your picture, incidentally. Just thought I'd mention it.