Sunday 21 April 2013

Consultation Marathon

Since the announcement of the Fast Trade mark Opposition consultation from the UK IPO discussed below, we have the Patent side of the Office starting a consultation on even faster patent prosecution. It must be because they were coming up to today's blessedly peaceful and sunny Virgin London Marathon.
London 21 April 2013
The Law Commission also finally publishing their consultation on groundless threats.  This last weighs in at 174 pages so most of us will simply have to rely on the executive summary. I like the prospect that legal advisers will be exempt. The idea we might get an unfair competition tort is interesting too. Possibly not an idea to hide in something as abstruse as a groundless threats consultation though.
Weighing in with a threat of a threats action is often a rather unethical practice. The last letter I received gave me a short time to respond so I did not as it was mostly groundless as we were discussing a service mark.
The super-fast patent paper is reasonably short and hopefully CIPA will be on to it. By the way, this is not for the small inventor or SME - a marathon fee of £3500-£4000 is proposed but you don't have to give reasons for paying it. There do not seem to be many situations where the normal expedited prosecution is inadequate, but if this procedure becomes available there does not seem much incentive for the IPO to do it for free when they could have a fat fee and a few extra home comforts in Newport.

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