Tuesday 23 October 2012

Selling for Solos

There is no shortage of marketing advice out there. Everyone seems to be prepared to offer me some service to develop my professional image and bring in new clients. Our Professional Bodies ITMA and CIPA are offering a Webinar that will tell us how to do it and it seems we have come a long way from the days when a brass plate and a tombstone advert in Yellow Pages were considered daring. Even the EPI consider that European Patent Attorneys can advertise
Advertising is generally permitted provided that it is true and objective and conforms with basic principles such as integrity and compliance with professional secrecy.
IPREG insists
Publicity and promotional activity of any kind by regulated persons is permitted if it is fair, honest, accurate and is not misleading and is not otherwise in breach of these Rules.
Networking - some of our bigger competitors are enjoying an #AIPPI2012 trip to Korea at the moment, article writing, and websites are now the norm.

This blog's co-found Shireen Smith of Azrights has gone one further in adding value to advertising material and is selling her educational and informative book to her target audience.

Our competitors are banding together in marketing groups like Quality Solicitors, who are also producing jolly TV adverts that can gain even greater publicity by social media, such as this.

While these methodologies may be perfect if you want to grow your business and recruit, they may not be ideal if you want to maintain a steady workload. For that, perhaps we need to nurture our existing clients and work referrers. Of course if you have been too successful with the marketing techniques, you can perhaps pass some on to another SOLO practitioner.

I would love to see some comments on how others are managing to control the workflow.

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