Monday 23 July 2012

Disposing of your IP practice? Or fancy writing a review?

One of my intellectual property LinkedIn groups sent gentle ripples through the tranquility of my train of thoughts this afternoon, when news of a new discussion arrived in my in-box. It read:
Thinking of disposing of your law firm – well, don’t ripped for a free report on how NOT to get ripped off when disposing of your law firm.
Having first noticed the obvious need for editing and then having pondered on whether this was a discussion or -- as it seemed to me -- a marketing promotion, I then started wondering about the condition of many small IP practices.  During the current recession, many such practices must be teetering on the brink, surviving on small amounts of regular work from current clients, bits of outsourced work for other practices, the making of further reductions in overheads and a good deal of (depending on one's personal preferences) praying or cursing.

It would be too embarrassing and depressing to ask readers to write in and give details of how they have been ripped off when selling -- or possibly merging with or even buying -- another practice. It would however be interesting for one of the SOLO IP readers to review the free report which is on offer and to let us have a piece which we can publish on the blog that measures its contents up against any real-life perspectives that readers may have.

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