Sunday 5 June 2011

Representation in court: anyone for some data?

A well-equipped
representative can
attack and defend
I expect that most readers of this blog are far too busy to undertake some research into the quantification of data concerning representation, but it would be good if one or more kind souls could go through the available data -- for example that provided by the UK Intellectual Property Office in the form of posted decisions in hearings on registrability, oppositions, cancellations etc -- and see how frequently the parties are
(i) unrepresented,
(ii) self-represented via an in-house IP department,
(iii) represented by a sole/small practice or
(iv) represented by a big firm. 
 It would be even better if they could check this data against appeals, to see whether, and if so how often, clients retain their original representative at a higher level or change to a bigger/smaller firm, etc.

Is anyone interested in coordinating or participating in such research? If so, do let me know.

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