Sunday 2 January 2011

Intellectual Property Predictions for 2011

In the best pundit style these are my SOLO predictions for the IP profession in the UK: Let me know what I have missed out
Crystal Ball Applied to 2011
  • The Unitary but not-Community Patent Initiative will not succeed. Politicians will blame the IPkat reading masses for calling it a CRAP patent but the real reason will be that it will not have big business support
  • The Hargreaves Review will recommend amendments to the Copyright Act leading to much acrimonious litigation in the next ten years at least
  • CIPA and ITMA will merge - reluctantly but in the face of demand from the IPRegulated to stop wasting resources
  • The IP Strategist will become the unregulated "financial adviser"  in the IP profession
  • OHIM will start a new line of business
  • His Honour Judge Birss will be very busy
  • Baroness Wilcox will be replaced in a reshuffle
  • The EPO bar will begin to influence the filing strategies of the multinationals having adverse effects on the traditional patent agent profession
  • Start ups and Investors will begin to find that IP educated managers are worth a check box in their due -diligence lists
  • DIY or in-house patent drafting will become more popular and online tools will become available to facilitate support from entrepreneurial agents. Here is one  that already exists
  • All EPO decisions on Petitions for Review will be clearly unallowable

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