Thursday 25 November 2010

Sex sells

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about Chrissie Lightfoot, The Entrepreneur Lawyer. From today, you can buy the e-book version of her guide to life, the universe and everything for the lawyer or lawyer2b, the naked lawyer (to which I have contributed a slightly rambling foreword).
I remarked back in September that, having read volume 1, I knew it wasn't for the faint-hearted. Now that I am acquainted with the other volumes, I can only say that you need a robust constitution if you're to let this book into your life. Chrissie has a talent for communication, but employs techniques not previously encountered in the legal world - or what she refers to as "law law land". But she's trying to sell selling to lawyers, and that's bound to be a tough assignment, because while we might know a bit about marketing (and I am coming to understand the difference between that and selling) most lawyers know little if anything about sales. One thing, though, that everyone knows about the subject: sex sells.
That's not to say that lawyers should emulate Corri Fetman. It could only work once, anyway. But selling selling to lawyers, well, that's another matter - a different market altogether. There are many ways to sell something, and sex is only one of them. Other gurus are trying other ways to turn lawyers into salespeople, but this is Chrissie's approach. If it's not for you, simply make your excuses after checking out the outline of the book and leave her website. Personally, between consenting adults, I reckon it's a great way to treat the subject.

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