Thursday 28 October 2010

LES and ITM A combine to present Licensing Seminar

Two professional bodies have come together to create a seminar on Trademark Licensing on 16 November 2010. Cambridge SOLO group member Roman Cholij, an active member of bother the Licensing Executives Society and ITMA  has been busy putting together this promising half day event and it is still possible to book. The programme is laid out on the ITMA website here along with a  registration form.
Paul the Octpus by Tilla from Wikipedia
The location is the RIBA building at 66 Portland Place. A brisk walk up from Oxford Street tube and time over your lunch break before registration to check out the shopping.

So whether you want to draft licences for dead Octopi, Pauline or otherwise - there is a case study on licensing image rights; or extend your client's brands into new territories, this is a good opportunity to hone your drafting skills and make sure your clients are well protected.

Gives you a nice start for the new CPD year if you are a solicitor or a good finish to the account for the IPReg counters. I look forward to seeing a few SOLOs in person as it seems to me those of us truly working unsupported is getting smaller.

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