Wednesday 8 September 2010

Media and communications needs of small and solo practitioners

Yesterday I ran, with the welcome support of Adam Smith (World Trademark Review), the first of two seminars on "How to Write an Effective IP Press Release".  The responses so far have been really encouraging, and I've received some useful suggestions too.

One participant suggested that, since the communication needs and the available resources of small practices are clearly different to those of the large firms, a version of this seminar could be adapted for the small/solo firm.  If there's enough interest, I'd be happy to run a formal seminar or participate in a SOLO IP social/serious discussion on the topic over a welcome pint.  If you're interested, can you just post a note to that effect below.


  1. Jeremy I'd be interested in attending a formal seminar followed by social or discussion over a pint. So hope we can organise something like this for the group.

  2. For those who have time to listen to marketing about marketing - there is a free conference aimed at running a freelance business on the web on 24 25th September
    For more details see their web page
    Its a US event so make sure you can translate EST to GMT and stay awake.
    Nick White of Tangible IP put me on to this. The list of sessions is now available so you can avoid the Facebook stuff.