Sunday 8 August 2010

Flying Solo, or United?

The Review of the UK Private Practice Intellectual Property Sector, August 2010, has just been published. It is compiled by recruitment consultant Pete Fellows (Director, Fellows and Associates) and can be found here. This blog's constituents may be interested to read this little extract from it:
"2010 has been the year for flying solo with an amazing array of new firms entering the market. Yorkshire in particular has been a hotbed for this kind of activity but there are examples across the UK. I also expect that given the successes and failures amongst the established firms in 2009/10 to see perhaps one or two acquisitions/mergers in the coming year. Opportunities abound for firms wishing to expand their reach by a sound acquisition strategy".
I'm just wondering who this "amazing array of new firms" flying solo might consist of -- and would they recognise themselves from this jurisdiction?

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  1. Well Pete wants to make money from recruitment and sadly SOLOs are not generally in the market to pay recruiter's fees. From his perspective a Solo is a recruitment fee lost