Sunday 4 April 2010

Reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmatic. But what about communication skills?

Solo practitioner Aaron Wood (Wood) has been prompting me to mention the attractiveness of Toastmasters International to fellow “Solos”. He tells me:
"One of the ways in which a “solo” is able to leapfrog a larger organisation is in focusing on development to a stage that they are far more knowledgeable and able than their counterparts in private practice. Of course, this is undermined by poor communication skills – it is easy for an audience to mistake poor structure or delivery for lack of knowledge of the subject matter.

Toastmasters International has been helping individuals for more than 80 years to improve their ability to address audiences, big and small. It provides the opportunity to speak on a regular basis and practise and refine ones skills. It also provides networking opportunities for those that are so minded, and leadership opportunities for those that care to gain skills in mentoring, leading and financial management. For those based in the UK, local clubs can be found here. Those based in London are able to benefit from the London Speaker website, which has regular updates as to what is happening in London.

I know that another Solo is flirting with attending Toastmasters meetings – it would be good to see a few more friendly faces in Toastmasters. In some ways it is a bit like perfume to body odour – only your closest friend would tell you need it, but you probably know long before that that your presentations stink!"

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