Thursday 11 February 2010

Trainees and IP practice

I'm currently speaking to around five to six people a month who are bright, literate self-starters with a good education and linguistic skills and who aspire to qualify as IP solicitors or trade mark attorneys but who often can't even get an interview, let alone a training contract.

If any readers of this weblog are happy for me to forward the occasional CV to them with a view to a possible training arrangement, can they please email me here

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  1. The "Jobless recovery" and how law firms could do it differently was blogged on in "Law firms in the new world"
    "... Law firms could act as a launching pad for entrepreneurs (that have studied law or associated disciplines, or experienced lawyers with an entrepreneurial itch) to train in a law firm before their entrepreneurial launch – or to stay if they wish to pursue law and the firm can afford it. The reciprocity in this relationship is that the law firm is seeding its future clients while gaining broader business/entrepreneurial skills within its own ranks."
    Currently we have a lawyer training with us who previously trained as a shoe designer in Italy!
    She is bright and has a great perspective on our firm so we are definitely benefiting from her presence.
    We would like to have more people join us, so please let us know if there is some that we can help from the distant shores of Australia:
    Jeremy: thank you for considering the difficulties of placement for the next generation of IP Professionals.