Sunday 5 July 2009

Facebook Fan Pages

Currently Facebook requires any Page to have at least 100 fans in order to register a username. A week ago they had announced you would need 25 fans, and before that there was merely a 28 June deadline with no minimum number stipulated. Facebook had initially only allowed businesses whose Pages had more than 1000 fans to register their usernames in early June. At that time it was promising others the opportunity to register their usernames on 28 June.

So, unless Facebook has moved the goalposts yet again, if Azrights manages to get another 67 fans, I will finally be able to register Azrights as our Page username.

This is a post to ask you all to become a fan of Azrights. I am more than happy to reciprocate for your Pages. (Incidentally, having a fan page helps in your search engine rankings). Also, I think there is value for businesses to secure their usernames as I suspect Facebook pages for business will become quite important in the future.

Phenomenal publicity was generated by the Facebook user name policy change a couple of weeks ago. There was a flurry of tweets about it on Twitter, and many lawyers raced to advise their clients of the importance of registering their trademarks at Facebook (at least in the sense of notifying Facebook of their registered rights so as to block others registering the name).

It was particularly noteworthy that even INTA took a proactive stance on a ‘private’ matter by emailing all INTA members, a fact that did not go unremarked by Marty Schwimmer of the Trademark Blog.

Currently there is quite a lot of confusion around creating company Pages on Facebook as shown by this page. I suspect now there will be an explosion of Pages being created as more businesses see the opportunities for promoting their brands via Facebook, traditionally regarded as the preserve of purely social networking, and for college kids at that. This video provides a useful insight into how brands can use Facebook to promote themselves. It also explains that the intrinsic difference between Profiles and Pages is that Profiles are private in nature. You have to accept friends into your group. On the other hand, Pages are public, and provide an ideal broadcasting platform for brands. See for example Coca Cola’s Page.

Azrights Facebook Page was created well before 31 May, and the name is trade marked. But lacking sufficient fans means we can do nothing right now to secure Azrights as our username. (Would love to know what Facebook’s thinking is behind this extra layer of delay.)

So, in conclusion please become an Azrights Fan It is risk free!

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