Friday, 12 December 2008

Lessons of Intelmark

Flipping through the Financial Times How to Spend it supplement over lunch as every SOLO practitioner (who gets a free copy) does at this time of year gave rise to a discussion of whether under current law this stunning advert takes advantage of the 007 brand .

To half the office - those with good eyes - the small print legend Bahama Islands 10:07 >makes the link. The other half of the office says just nice advertising but interesting that even the big brands play with each other. Now we are loooking for educational comments please. But I must say Sean Connery washes up well. Of course it might be licensed use ...

Contribute to the training effort and have your say.


  1. There does not seem to be much risk that there will be a change in the economic behaviour of the average consumer of OO7 goods because of this advert. Of course, you might say that the idea of Sean Connery/James Bond being being a fashion victim and paying excessive prices for his luggage makes it less likely that I will pay for more rugged and manly goods that Danjaq has licensed to carry OO7. Seems to me that ECJ has just created a system that depends on how ingenious your advocate is.

  2. If anyone has a place at the INTA Roundtable I hope they will comment on this