Monday 28 July 2008

Summer sale

If you've not bought these books already at their full price, you can probably manage without them at their reduced price too -- but Thomson/Sweet & Maxwell (which one is it?) is currently holding an IP Grand Summer Sale, with 20% reductions on some of its IP titles. Featured products are

* Domain Names: Global Practice and Procedure;

* Practical Intellectual Property Precedents;

* Encyclopedia of UK and European Patent Law (you can save £171.20 on this one);

* Trade Marks, Trade Names & Unfair Competition: World Law and Practice;

* The Community Trade Mark Handbook;

* The Trade Mark Handbook.

Kindly wishing to spare the blushes of some fine colleagues, I must confess that I only ever use two of these titles -- and there are another two that I probably wouldn't want to be paid to take. And here's a curious little fact about them: all six are loose-leafs, an increasingly unpopular format in the era of the internet. There is no indication as to whether anyone who buys these titles at the summer sale prices will be charged summer-sale prices for future supplements.

The closing date for purchases is 31 August 2008. You can get full details from the publisher's Summer Savings 2008 webpage here.


  1. Delighted to see The CIPA Trademarks Handbook getting some promotion. Its not one Jeremy wouldn't take. I expect I am not the only person who been bevering away in their own time preparing the latest update for the benefit of the professional body so it would be nice if someone read it.
    Unpaid Contributor (Anony)Mouse

  2. Gavin McGivern is the person at Thomson Reuters who is happy to be the first point of contact for any reader of the SOLO IP blog who is interesting in acquiring/talking about these books: 07717 340658

    For the record, Gavin is also the person to speak to if you're a sole/small practitioner and need to subscribe to Westlaw