Tuesday 3 June 2008

A Guest Blog on Why be Solo

Hello Shireen,

You may remember that we met at the last Solo event in London.

My reasons for going 'Solo' are similar yours in that I was looking for flexibility in my working hours (for family reasons) but I also wanted to undertake good quality IP work without commuting to London (I am based in Oxford). (I have written briefly about my experience in an article published in the May issue of the LES Newsexchange.)

Although I was an Equity Partner at a couple of firms, now that I have experienced the freedom of working for myself I think it would be hard to relinquish it!

Having said that, I don't think the benefits of operating a Solo practice are just for the practitioner. I believe that clients can receive better value and support from sole practitioners than they might from larger firms because we can be more flexible in meeting client needs and more adaptable to changing circumstances.

I am a great fan of Solo and, like you, believe that we can all benefit from sharing with one another our knowledge and experiences of running Solo. With that in mind I would be interested to hear what accounts software Solo practitioners are using and whether they would recommend it.

Dr Belinda Isaac


  1. I use TAS books 1 which is the entry level program for Sage. Its neat and useful and has served me well since 2000 at a very modest cost. One of my clients who has been struggling to implement SAP in his business was quite struck with the level of information I had with my "toy" application.
    For time recording and producing schedules for the invoices for the clients I use the MARCO software .

  2. Thank you , Barbara.

    What do other people use?

    Has anyone used MYOB? What do they think of it?