Sunday 25 May 2008

INTA Follow up

Having barely recovered from the INTA trip - what a busy few days those were - I am now preparing for the June networking trip to LA which the Law Society has organised. At least this time I will know to take more than one box of business cards - as had to have more cards couriered over to INTA!
I had intended to post a blog from INTA but there was no time. Now having returned I can't write something about my experiences of INTA as am still seriously short of time.... But am making time to post this blog in case any readers are able to help with suggestions for following up with all those contacts made at INTA.

For example, does anyone know of a good card reader, or at least pros and cons to look out for when buying one? If so, I would be really pleased to hear from you as it could potentially save time - mine and anyone else's who is in the same boat. In the meantime, just wanted to thank Jeremy for hosting the Solo IP meeting at INTA, as it proved to be an excellent chance to meet and talk to some of the readers of this blog.

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  1. Cards in any quantity are a pain, since (i) they are an awkward medium to handle, (ii) they are often double-sided, (iii) they go out of date at the rate of approximately 10% a year and (iv) they lose their utility if they're not kept fully maintained.

    What I do post-INTA is write to people whose cards I've got. It's a standard email, saying I enjoyed meeting them etc but usually adding a personalised one-liner. My email will contain links to me and my websites, for obvious reasons.

    I add their email to my Outlook addresses - but nothing else, since it's usually quicker to find their address etc online than to retrieve the card and it's a total pain to type the details in manually.

    This might seem a lot of work, but it isn't if you do five a day.