Friday 21 March 2008

Commoditisation as the Dawn of a New Day for Solos

I, too, share my co-bloggers respect for Richard Susskind and I trust he will be earning lots of money from Lyceum Capital promoting the gospel of commoditisation. It was announced that he had been appointed a consultant to them to advise them on how to invest in law firms on March 9. It's a fair bet he won't be investing in any solos but I don't think Azright is going to remain solo for a very long judging by the scope of its recently advertised trademark application .

The opportunity that this approach creates for solo experts is that we can focus on solutions and bring to bear the full weight of our experience and knowledge. The UK IPO already offers a pretty good commodity trademark application product but clients also need insight into how to manage their branding protection and conduct any disputes. These are not issues you can automate - so wise heads will always be in demand.

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