Tuesday, 29 October 2013

If you're reading this, you're probably at work

Just checking the latest bon mot from Filemot ...
Taking a quick look at the data furnished by SOLO IP's web counter, I noticed that around 51% of visits to this blog take place between the traditional normal office hours of 9.00 am to 5.00 pm.  This compares with figures of just 42% for IP Finance, 45% for Art & Artifice, 47% for the IPKat, 48% for the copyright-flavoured 1709 Blog and 49% for the PatLit patent litigation blog.  Of the blogs I checked, only the recondite SPC Blog, with a score of 53% of site visits during normal office hours, scores more highly.

How does one explain this?  After all, one might have thought that solo practitioners and those in small practices would have more flexible habits.  Is it that SOLO IP readers have incorporated the act of checking the blog's content as part of of their daily work routine -- or is it that a visit to this blog represents some sort of work avoidance ritual? Or (perish the thought!) do our readers just have more time on their hands and therefore have less need to read the blog out of hours?


  1. I think Solo IP is a very work related blog, because its perspective is from a working-alone viewpoint and the topics of the articles reflect that. It has more of a homely feel, but that also means it inevitably won't capture the conceptual flair of IPKat, and so I think doesn't give the same buzz. I read it at work as part of being at work, but IPKat is more fun.

  2. Perhaps there are fewer overseas readers of SoloIP than of some of your other blogs? IP Draughts gets more US readers at the end of the day, and more Australians and others from the Far East in the early hours of the day.