Monday, 17 May 2010

Foreign Relations for Trademark Attorneys

Thanks to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office for permission to use this picture of William Hague, the UK's New Foreign Secretary with US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton in Washington. Mr Hague's travel arrangements to the US appear to have been trouble free, the 450 UK trademark attorneys heading for the INTA Annual Meeting in Boston. may not be so lucky between ash clouds and the BA strikes.

Why are we off to this meeting - what is the point? For myself  I hope to meet and greet clients and associates with whom I work. This is an opportunity when so many congregate in one place -  too many perhaps as there are over 8000 registered already. Finding a random person without a prior arrangement is going to be hard.

This year I am hoping to attend the sessions and catch up on the chasms that divide US and European practice. Co- blogger Jeremy Phillips is chairing CW03 – Regional Update – Africa on Wednesday Morning at 10:15 if the fast and furious classic annual review of US Federal Case Law and TTAB practice is not for you.

The Exhibition hall has some interesting prospects and this year guests are allowed in. They will be easy to spot as their badges are blue.  Here I shall find the OHIM stand and learn some more about the reasons behind the idiosyncrasies of their IT system and the ongoing delays in the Opposition Division

I may chat with one or two attorneys who are representing other sides in oppositions. I suspect it may not be a good year for that as I detect a hardening of hearts.

As to the party circuit, it seems that this year the guest lists for receptions and parties are being curtailed so maybe I will get more rest than in former years. Alternatively it may mean less manic circulation and more quality time at the parties I do attend. Of course Meet the Bloggers on  May 24 at 8pm at Lucky's Lounge, Boston is likely to be a very high quality event. See you there.


  1. I'm glad you've said that the partying has been curtailed this year -- I thought it was just that I was being invited to fewer of them!

  2. Where this exhibition going to be held? In UK or in USA?
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